RisingSpirits acupuncture and wellness

Diagnosis and Treatment

When a patient first comes for treatment, I collect his or her medical history, asking specific questions relating to the body's different functional systems. I also conduct a physical exam that involves palpation and Chinese medical pulse and tongue diagnosis. I then formulate a unique treatment plan that’s designed to restore the patient to a balanced state of health. Although my treatments often combine acupuncture and bodywork, the latter alone can be effective for anyone who does not desire acupuncture.

The duration and frequency of treatment varies for each individual. Many patients begin to respond favorably after only one appointment, while others may need several. In general, acute conditions require fewer treatments than those considered chronic. The interval between treatments increases as positive results are obtained.

At Rising Spirits Acupuncture I use sterilized, individually packaged disposable needles. (Unlike the hollow needles used in hypodermic injections, these are very thin and solid.) When the needles are inserted you may experience some tingling, warmth, slight pressure or heaviness, or no sensation at all. The treatments can be quite relaxing, and many patients typically drift off for a short nap.