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Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine is a complete system that has been used to diagnose, treat and prevent illness for more than 2,300 years. Compared with Western medicine’s emphasis on a biochemical approach, Chinese medicine uses an energy-based model that focuses on achieving harmony both internally (within your body) and externally (with the outside world in which you live). It is a sensible health-care method that strongly supports the wisdom of disease prevention, i.e., a belief that nurturing health is just as important as treating illness.

As they developed a health-care system of prevention and cure, the ancient Chinese discovered a vital energy, which they called “qi,” flowing through all forms of life. They observed that qi flows cyclically in the human body along pathways that correlate to specific physiological systems and internal organs, and that it concentrates at specific points on the body's surface along each pathway. Over time these ancient physicians differentiated the flow of these energy pathways and mapped out what are now known as acupuncture points. They also learned that pain or illness results when the balance of qi becomes disturbed, and that many factors—including trauma, poor diet, mental or emotional stress, hereditary conditions and environmental conditions—can cause this to happen. As a result of these insights, a variety of therapies were developed to restore health to the body, mind and spirit as an interrelated whole. Specifically, these therapies are acupuncture, moxibustion, herbology, diet and nutrition, massage, exercise and meditation.